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It is important for all children to know and be associated with both sides of their extended families. In todays legal system and family court legislation there is not enough emphasis or consideration given towards what the love of the extended family can do for a child. So when a parent stops contact and refuses access to the non-resident parent of their child or children, the actions of the parent in denial often diminish the nurturing and restrict the social interaction that their sons and daughters need from life. Often, it smothers a child and restricts them from receiving what they need as they grow. Just as Mothers have a love which a Father cannot give a child, the Father has another kind of Love. A Love which gives strength and rationality, balance and pride. Keeping any child from one of their parents will, more often than not result in a level of resent being instilled in the childs mind later in life. A resent which that child will not understand as they grow and that resent will cause confusion and upset to that child, not knowing why they feel the emotions that they feel later on in their lives. In many situations that child will offset that resent into other areas of their life. All this can be avoided. Don't deny your child their birthrights. Give your child the fullest life that they can possibly have.

But, for too many non-resident parents in Europe today, life has been turned upside down. Parents who have been denied contact with their children, accused of physical and mental abuse and served interdicts, instigated by legal notaries who see nothing but 's and 's when a weeping parent sits down in their offices. For the simple reason, to have their ex partner kept at an arms length from the child or children. Even when there is no cause to have that non-resident parent in court for the accusations that one may be advised to take further. Such as non-harassment orders and interdicts with the powers of arrest. The truth is, the majority of non-resident parents don't have the money to defend themselves and as a result, the system will make it illegal for them to approach their own children.

We do need change in the processes which currently make it far too easy for one parent to keep another parent from their children. But we also need to think rationally about what effects in the long term, our actions will have on our children. Unless actual criminal prosecution is brought to a parent because of actions around thier Child, Children or other parent then an interim interdict should not be granted to a parent who my well think they are being nothing more than protective, trying to restrict their children from seeing who they regard as unfit to be a parent. How many interim interdicts are issued each year with the assistance of legal aid, but when the actual case is heard, the non-harassment orders and the powers of arrest are not granted? Too many for the liberties that some parents take and too much of the taxpayers money is being wasted by these actions.

The purpose of this website is to help families whom have been separated, and to show that it is possible to remain rational for the good of your children. It is my, and the other parents who submit their stories on this site wish, to create change and allow all our children the right they have to two parents. Nobody says that being a parent is an easy challenge, but can be said is that being a parent and being restricted from parenthood is many times more difficult.